The String Quartet Society of Tuscaloosa was formed in 1998. A non-profit organization of volunteers, our mission is both educational and cultural. We seek to enrich the lives of people in the Tuscaloosa area through string quartet music.

Our goals are to provide the public of our area a better acquaintance with the stringed instruments and to provide focused educational opportunities for children. The Society provides demonstrations of the instruments in the public schools through the medium of the string quartet, thereby introducing them to another venue for musical expression.

The Society also provides two formal concerts each year by outstanding professional ensembles to promote a better acquaintance with the string quartet and the rich literature composed for this genre. These concerts are held in cooperation with the University of Alabama School of Music in the Moody Concert Hall.

SQST is a partner with other arts organizations and community members in the Strings in Schools program.  Since August, 2005, students in Tuscaloosa City middle and high schools have been able to learn a string instrument during the school day. We are proud to have established a structure for all children of Tuscaloosa to enrich their lives through playing a string instrument.

The Society is a member of the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa, and works in cooperation with the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra and other groups which contribute to the rich cultural environment of Tuscaloosa.  


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SQST officers
Dr. Julie Vaughn, President
Dr. Leslie Poss, Past President
Jenny Grgoire, President-elect
Madeleine Hill,  Treasurer

Betsy Rand, Recording Secretary
Elizabeth Bradt, Corresponding Secretary
David Duff,  Program Manager

SQST directors

Dr. Jacob Adams
Jason Bailey
Karen Barger
Donna Boles
Ben Crofut
Charlotte Gattozzi

Dr. John Jackson
Dr. Jim Jolly
Ellen Grant
Shannon McCue
Henry Pope
Dr. Anne C. Witt